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New report shows businesses how to navigate the shifting world of work

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Landmark and the Corporate Culture Group have launched a report showing businesses how to seize our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent the workplace and reimagine the world of work.

The Human Organisation white paper, is authored by John Drummond, Chairman of the Corporate Culture Group, and produced in partnership with Landmark.

In the context of the pandemic and new behavioural research, the report explores what we want from work and how to meet the challenges of returning to the workplace as the government eases lockdown restrictions.

Ed Cowell, Landmark CEO, said: “Creating the right workplace for everyone is complex. As successful organisations know, their people switch between activities multiple times. Landmark is working in partnership with experts, like the Corporate Culture Group, to reimagine serviced offices and deliver the most productive workspace for businesses.”

Creating the human organisation

Drummond argues that current hierarchical business models and the belief system that goes with them are outdated. The working world of conformity, control and compliance, where people work in a cubicle, does not reflect human nature.

The report rates current workplaces for typical work activities, such as concentration, conversation, collaboration, exploration and reflection, and concludes that there’s room for improvement.

Do you believe that organisational success is down to your people? If so, you need to create a human organisation where employees are free to use their imaginations and skills, be creative and experiment, and better connect with each other

Your steps to becoming human

The report shares the nine characteristics necessary to become a human organisation. These are to understand people and our social nature, define and live your purpose and what you believe, understand context, gain creative intelligence, stay open to diverse ideas, distribute power, and have human leaders.

Find out how you can consign old ways of thinking to the past by downloading your free copy of The Human Organisation report today.

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