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Frequently asked questions

Got a question about Landmark's offices? We've put together a list of FAQs for you to browse. If you need any more information, feel free to give us a call on 020 3440 5000, or click "enquire" at the top of the page.

Landmark office 99 Bishopsgate

Can I work from another Landmark location?

Yes, we have 36 Landmark buildings across the UK with 26 Coworking Space locations. You are more than welcome to visit any of the coworking space  locations and meeting rooms.

Can I hire outside spaces (such as roof gardens), from Landmark?

Yes, we have 10 buildings across London with beautiful outdoor spaces – Giltspur Street, Park Street, 99 Bishopsgate, Aldgate, Bevis Marks, Old Broad Street, Victoria, Newman Street, Dover Street and Tottenham Court Road. Photos of these spaces are on each centre page on our website, for example Newman Street.

Does Landmark have locations suitable for events?

Yes, we can host events at all of our buildings in any of our Coworking Space and communal areas, for example at Heron Tower, Bishopsgate.

Who do I contact about moving to a bigger or smaller office?

Speak to the centre team manager who will find out your requirements and work with you to find you the best solution. They will know which offices are becoming available later in the year, so you can plan ahead to move within the centre or even to another Landmark centre nearby if you prefer.

Can you help us set up an office in another city?

Absolutely! Our centre teams can work with you to find out what you need and the look, feel and size of space that you’re looking for. There are 360 degree tours of all our locations on each centre page on this website. Just click on the image to take the tour and have a look around. We can also set up Virtual Offices for you in any of our locations.

How is Landmark different from other workspace providers?

We have over 20 years experience in delivering outstanding client care in high quality, professional workspaces. We differentiate ourselves on customer service – as of May 2022 we have over 2,300 Google reviews with an average of 4.9 stars out of 5. Discover more about why clients choose Landmark here.

Does Landmark recycle?

Yes we do. We have separate bins for general and recyclable waste and this waste is collected separately as arranged by building management. You’ll see that some councils provide us with different coloured bin liners for each type of waste. Your centre team can give you more detail if required.

Can we have catering delivered to our office?

Yes! Our full catering menu can be served in your office. The menus can be found here. Please book catering at reception in the office you are working in.

How do I opt out of marketing emails from Landmark?

All of our marketing communications have the option to unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails.

Can you order stationery and consumables for us?

Yes – please speak to someone at the reception of the space you are working in and they can place an order for you.

How do I get hold of our Centre Manager?

Your centre manager will often be moving around the centre, so if they are not at reception, you can call their mobile phone. The number is displayed at the reception desk and is also within your Welcome Guide.

How do we enter and exit the building?  

Clients are given an access pass for the Landmark centre. This allows 24 hour access. You may also be given a separate security access pass for the main building entrance.

Am I able to access the office at the weekend and Out of Hours?

Yes, your pass gives you 24 hour access to the building, 7 days a week. Please be aware that if you have not used the card to access the centre for over 30 days, it will be deactivated. This is for security reasons.

Why doesn't my security access card work?

It could be that you have not used the card to access the centre for over 30 days. Cards are deactivated after 30 days of inactivity for security reasons. You should contact the centre team to reactivate your card or investigate the error.

Why is there no air con at the weekends?

Building management do not run the fan coil units at the weekends for environmental reasons, to not use resources when the offices are empty.

Are we allowed to hang boards and signage in our office?

Yes, you can. Please contact your centre team who will be able to assist you with maintenance services. Keep in mind that the office must be returned to its original state if you leave or change offices. We keep our corridors and office doors unbranded.

What are your opening hours?

Our reception is open Monday to Friday 0830- 1730. Please note that if your visitors arrive outside these times, they will be asked to wait in the main building lobby until Landmark reception is open. Clients can access the centre at any time using their access pass.

Does Landmark host networking and social events for clients?

Yes, we hold events on a regular basis and they’re a good opportunity to meet other Landmark clients. Please ask for further details and we can let you know what events are forthcoming.

As a Coworking Space member, can I bring guests to Coworking Space?

Yes, Coworking Space members can bring 3 guests in at a time, for up to 2 hours.

What are the opening hours for Coworking Space?

Coworking Space members are welcome to visit our centres 0900 to 1730, Monday to Friday.

Can I use Coworking Space in other Landmark centres and in other cities?

Yes. Depending on your membership, you will either have access to all Coworking Space locations or locations outside London, only.

Can I reserve my favourite desk in Coworking Space?

Coworking Space desks, seating and meeting rooms are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Can you provide gluten free and vegan catering?

Yes, we are able to provide catering for all dietary requirements.

Are you able to provide hot food or something other than sandwiches?

Yes, our menu offers a variety of options to choose from. Please ask your centre team to discuss options with you. A sample menu can be seen here.

Can we arrange our own catering for a meeting in your meeting rooms?

Yes of course. Just let the centre team know when your catering is due to arrive so they can be prepared for its delivery to your office. We charge a ‘corkage’ fee of £5 per person if you want to bring your own catering to our meeting rooms.

What coffee do you have at Landmark?

We know how important good refreshments are to our clients, so all of our centres have ‘bean to cup’ coffee machines. A selection of teas is also available in kitchens and meeting rooms. Our coffee and coffee machines are from FreshGround. They have over 40 years experience, they are all Specialty Coffee Association trained and they have exclusively blended our Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee for us. All Landmark centre managers receive specialist coffee training from the FreshGround team, so do ask them about the machine settings so you get the perfect cup of coffee, every time.

What types of milk do you provide at Landmark?

We provide a variety of milks, for example: whole, semi skimmed, skimmed and soya. Please talk to your centre if you have a specific requirement.

How does Landmark measure its service performance?

We carry out regular surveys to make sure we get feedback that we can action quickly. We have also had externally-run surveys by the Institute of Customer Service who measured our service performance. In our last survey we scored an overall 82.9% on customer satisfaction. This benchmarks us above both the service sector and UK Customer Service Index averages.

How can I find out if there are job vacancies at Landmark?

You can find all our current vacancies on our LinkedIn Jobs page.

Can I send a CV to Landmark?

You can send your CV to Please make sure to specify what role you are applying for. If we have no current vacancies we will keep your details on record to join our talent pool as new opportunities develop.


What do I do if we need to move out of our office?

Please notify your centre team in writing, so that they can start the process for you, in line with the terms of your agreement. They can also help you with the logistics of moving and your mail and call forwarding.

When do I get my deposit back?

You will receive this 60 days after the termination date.

What are exit fees for?

Exit fees cover the cost of cleaning, reinstating and repainting the office or replacing damaged furniture.

How does a virtual office work?

Having a virtual office with Landmark allows you to use one of our prestigious buildings as your business address. You can use the address for all your advertising and mail handling. You can also add a call answering or call forwarding to your package. You can read more here. If the address is to be your registered address, a level of compliance will have to be carried out as this is a regulated service.

If I have several companies within my group, do I need to register them individually or can they be registered under the main holding company?

If each entity has been incorporated separately, we will require each company to complete the onboarding process individually.

What do I do to change the temperature of my office?

The ability to change the temperature in each individual office will depend on the structural make up of the centre and where the ceiling fan coil units (FCU) are located in relation to your office. Some centres have individual FCUs per office. Many centres are composed of a space that has been sub-divided into offices and the fan coil units will therefore supply heat and cooling to a number of offices beneath them. This would mean that you share a FCU and temperature with a number of neighbouring offices. Your centre team may need to contact building management to change the temperature and this takes a while for you to feel the change. We often see that people from the same offiice will ask us to both raise and lower the temperature! For this reason, we ask that you agree on one person per office to ask the centre team to change the temperature.

Who should I contact about an invoicing query?

Please contact the manager of your centre. They can then liaise with our head office finance team on your behalf, if needed.

Why are our invoices separate?

We issue one invoice for your contracted services (your monthly rent payments) and another for ad hoc services, such as meeting room use.

Why are there 2 logos on my invoices and statement of accounts?

As of 1 July 2023, the logo on client invoices and statements of accounts will be updated.  The logo will show both the Landmark and The Space brands, reflecting the fact that the two brands are part of the same group of companies.  This change has no effect on our legal or commercial relationship and does not affect the terms and conditions between us and clients.


We are changing this visual aspect of our documentation to simplify our communications; this does not affect client payment processes.

What are the call rates?

Our call rates are based on BT business rates. Please ask your centre team to show you the rate card.

How quickly can I get information before move in?

We understand that your IT team may need to configure equipment before you move in and you might want to know your telephone numbers in order to print stationary. As such, details regarding your subscriptions will be released upon request ahead of your move in date so you can prepare accordingly.

Do you have back up services?

All locations within the Landmark portfolio are fully resilient. In the unlikely event that there is an outage on the primary circuits, the secondary circuits will take over without any disruption to service.

What are the comms access procedures?

You must always be accompanied to the Comms Room by a member of Landmark staff, for security purposes. Access should be booked a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

If I want to add IT services, how quickly can this happen?

Once all the paperwork has been signed, new services can take up to 24 hours to be provisioned. However, in most cases this is completed within a few hours.

What is the difference between the two phone packages that you offer?

We offer two packages, ‘Pay as you go’ and ‘Bundled’. Pay as you go does exactly what it says on the tin! You pay for all calls based on our standard rate card. The Bundled package includes 2000 minutes free of charge (per package) to Local / National landlines and UK mobile networks, meaning you only pay for international and premium rate calls.

I need to have my calls recorded as my business is FCA compliant, is this an option?

Call recording is available as a service, although this will not make you FCA compliant on its own (there are plenty of other things that need to be achieved in addition to recording your telephone calls). The service comes with full security and a customer portal allowing clients to download and retain recording for as long as they need. All call recordings are kept within the UK, stored for 12 months (when in contract as a client), and then retained for 6 months after your departure after which they will be automatically removed from our services.

How much bandwidth is Standard Internet and what is the contention rate?

Standard internet access is a contended service that is 100Mbps in whole. You will be sharing this allocation with other clients within your centre that are using the same service. If guaranteed and uncontended services are a requirement, then we provide dedicated packages in increments of 10Mbps which have a 1:1 contention ratio.

I have a wireless Printer, can I connect this to same network as my other devices?

Absolutely, we just need to know the Mac address of the printer in order to add to our systems.

How do I pass on good feedback about Landmark staff?

There are a number of channels to use for passing on positive feedback about our products, service and staff and your experience with us. You can email us at, you can leave a Google Review or you can email the centre team or person directly. We share feedback on our company intranet, “living the values” feature, so that best practice and exemplary service is shared with all colleagues.

How do I make a complaint?

There are a number of channels you can use. You can email us at or you can contact the centre team directly. Whichever method you use, a complaints case will be raised on our systems and resolved as quickly as possible.

What is the resolution time for a complaint?

We aim to resolve complaints within 2 weeks of them being raised.

What should I do if I'm not satisfied about the service at my Landmark centre?

Please do let us know if we’re not meeting your expectations by talking to the manager at your centre or by sending us feedback or raising a complaint. We really want to know what you are feeling and to be able to correct mistakes and address shortcomings.

I'm a member of the media. How can I contact Landmark Space regarding press queries?

For all media enquiries please contact

Can I access meeting rooms in other Landmark centres in other cities?

Yes, you have access to all meeting rooms in all of our centres. You can have a look at them using the 360 degree tour for each centre.

Do private office clients receive discounted meeting room rates?

No, we occasionally run offers but to find out more you will need to sign up to our newsletter here.

Can we arrange ongoing meeting room reservations at discounted rates?

Yes, of course. Please contact your centre team or contact us here to find out about this so. The team can check availability and find out the numbers of hours and rooms you’d like and the frequency of your bookings.

If my meeting starts at 0900, will my guests be able to arrive earlier?

Landmark reception opens at 0830 so your guests will be welcomed from that time. We may ask them to wait in reception until the room is fully set up for your meeting.

Can Landmark accommodate meetings after working hours?

Yes, we can. Please let us know your requirements ahead of time so that we can ensure the right staff are there to host you. Additional charges may apply.

Are refreshments included in your meeting room charges?

Still and sparkling filtered water are included. Other refreshments are charged separately, per person.

Our catering menus change slightly per city. You can view sample catering menus here.

How is your maintenance managed?

We have weekly visits from our maintenance provider and a list of tasks is prepared beforehand. If you notice anything that needs attending to or is out of order, please let the centre team know so that we can fix it as soon as possible. Your centre team can tell you which day of the week the maintenance person is scheduled to visit.

How often is my office cleaned?

Our centres are cleaned every day and in some cases, multiple times per day – depending on their size. Some cleaning tasks are carried out daily and some are carried out weekly or on an ad hoc basis. Your centre team can give you full details of the cleaning schedule at your centre.

What is Landmark's Clean Desk Policy?

Our cleaners are not permitted to touch any clients’ belongings so it’s vital that desks are left clear at the end of the day so that the cleaners can clean all surfaces. Likewise, all floor areas around the office must be kept clear for vacuuming. Bags, shoes and boxes must not be left on the office floor. Work and personal items should be moved and stowed in a pedestal or locker and crockery cleared to the kitchen. Our cleaners will not clean your keyboards, mice, phones nor screens. We recommend that clients provide wipes for staff so that they can sanitise their IT equipment regularly.

Do you have a referral scheme if I recommend Landmark to a friend?

Yes, all clients (private office, Club Space and Virtual office), can receive up to £50,000 if they refer a friend who takes an office with us.

Do you share my personal information?

We do not share any personal information (unless formally requested by the authorities). You can view our Privacy Policy here.

Why do we have to provide certified documents when we become clients?

All clients (including virtual office clients), who use a Landmark centre as their registered address are required to provide certain certified identity documentation to comply with The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017.

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