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Fortunately flexible working isn’t something new to Landmark. Our 20 years of experience brings with it a range of office solutions. Whether it’s different workspace types for the varying aspects of your business or flexible contract terms to see you through resizing, we will help your business grow and adapt to the new world of agile working through these uncertain times.

For more information on flexible solutions get in touch via our online form or contact us on 020 3993 7170. Our team will be more than happy to help evaluate your requirements, guaranteeing a solution that is best suited for your business.

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So what do we actually mean by flexible office space?

Flexible office space encompasses both flexibility around licensing as well as workspace solutions.


Traditional offices are leased on a long-term and fixed basis and employees spend most of their working day at their fixed workstation. In contrast, flexible office solutions agree to licence terms that give businesses more freedom and flexibility with their contract, often making them more cost-effective that conventional leases.


Flexible office spaces also offer a diverse range of work stations to accommodate for the different businesses occupying the space and their needs. At Landmark we offer self-contained private offices, meeting rooms and floors, in addition to our Coworking Space which gives you unlimited access to workspaces in 26 buildings across the UK.

What are the benefits of Landmarks flexible workspaces?

Simple license agreements

Our flexible licensing means reduced risk with no long-term commitments giving you the freedom to upsize as you need to. This enables you to use your capital more freely, as you’re not tied down to a long term lease.

Fully serviced offices with no hidden costs

All of our flexible workspaces are fully serviced which means they come furnished and work-ready. This means you can move in and get going straight away without the need to splash out on any hidden costs such as IT, furniture and office maintenance.

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More freedom and productivity for staff

Flexible workspaces give employees more freedom to work where they want and in an environment that works best for them, making them more productive and creative.

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Workspaces designed with flexibility in mind

Our office spaces have been designed with flexibility in mind, ready to support the needs of your business from day one. We offer a diverse range of workspace types from open plan areas to relax and inspire creativity to private zones for focus and concentration.

Our flexible office space products

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