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London Meeting Room Sample Menu

Below you will find a sample menu with a list of refreshments, food and drink that can be booked at any Landmark office in London. We cover every meal of the day, from breakfast to late night parties as well of course as lunch for meetings.


Rise and Shine -£7 per person

A selection of breakfast inspired filled mini brioche rolls
(1 pp)
Mini Danish pastries as well as plain, chocolate or
almond croissants (1 pp)
Fresh fruit skewers (1 pp)

Wake Up Call Breakfast -£4.50 per person

Mini Danish pastries as well as plain, chocolate or
almond croissants (2pp)
Fresh fruit skewers (1 pp)

Energiser Breakfast -£11.50 per person

Probiotic Greek yoghurt and granola pots
with fresh fruit and honey (1pp)
Oaty wholemeal batch rolls filled with:
Fresh creamy avocado, a touch of chilli flakes
and rocket
Smoked salmon & cream cheese
Crispy bacon with sliced boiled egg
Turkey, grain mustard & cheese
(1 roll per person)

Classic Hot Breakfast Rolls -£POA

Grilled bacon
Oven baked English pork sausages
Double free-range egg ‘·
All served in white crusty baguettes with a choice of
tomato ketchup or brown sauce
Delivered in cold and cut on platters for help yourself or
delivered in warm and individually wrapped in thermo
For bookings over 20 please request a member of our
waiting team to set up and serve your breakfast

Team Breakfast -£13.80 per person

Epic grilled breakfast skewers: Sausage, bacon,
mushroom and tomato
Free range eggs: Boiled or oven baked
Smashed avocado
Smoked salmon plate with lemon and caviar Assorted
Home made banana bread

Warm Waffles -£7.20 per person

Served with berries, Greek yoghurt and maple

Customise your Breakfast

Orange, apple or cranberry juice
1L cartons
£3.00 each

Homemade bottles of smoothie
250ml bottles
£3.40 each

Jam, chocolate filled, custard,
apple or iced ring
£2.40 each

Happiness Energy Box for the office -£35.00 served up to 10 people as a snack

Boxes full of delicious and restorative Grab &
Go products to fuel long meetings, training
courses and BIG decisions!
Our own date and almond energy balls, real
fruit muffins, fresh whole fruit, Nak’d bars and
pots of nuts & seeds


Meating -£11.40 per person

A selection of filled sandwiches, mixed breads and
wraps (1 round)
Daily changing bread types including finger sandwiches and deli style wrap
A mini fruit salad
Homemade cakes & patisserie

Training Lunch -£13.50 per person

A selection of filled sandwiches, mixed breads and
wraps (1 round)
Individual protein side salad pots
A box of freshly cut, easy to eat fruit
A selection of home-made cakes and patisserie, date
& almond energy balls and mini home made muffins

Office Lunch -£13.50 per person

A selection of filled sandwiches, mixed breads and
wraps (1 round)
Daily changing finger food selection (3pcs/person)
A box of freshly cut, easy to eat fruit
A selection of home-made cakes and patisserie, date
& almond energy balls and mini home made muffins

Eat Together -£16.80 per person

Smoked salmon and prawn sharing box
Sliced home roasted meats and antipasto box
Free range boiled eggs with raw vegetable crudités
and humous
Freshly baked breads with butter
A box of freshly cut, easy to eat fruit
A selection of home-made cakes and patisserie, date
& almond energy balls and mini home made muffins

Eat Smart -£16.80

Chargrilled lemon & herb chicken with a side of
Caesar sauce & shaved Parmesan
Grilled breads
Grilled vegetable and halloumi kebabs
Chunky roasted salmon and lemon on skewers
Wholemeal pasta salad with red pesto, fresh tomato
basil and sultanas
Green bean, pea and edamame salad with a touch of
lemon and chilli
A box of freshly cut, easy to eat fruit
Assorted home made mini desserts

Love Salad -£11 per person

Large individual bowls of delicious filling protein
and vegetable based salads, served with fresh
fruit salad pots or a home made sweet treat

Chargrilled chicken salad
With mixed seasonal leaves, chunky cucumber, cherry
tomatoes, & grated carrots
Served with a Caesar style dressing

Chargrilled chicken Caesar club salad
Delicious chicken, crispy bacon and fresh creamy avocado with lots of crunchy cos lettuce leaves, Caesar
dressing and croutons

Sands tuna Italiano
Wholemeal pasta in a tomato & basil sauce with mixed
spinach & rocket leaves, creamy mozzarella balls and a
tangy balsamic dressing

Sands roasted salmon, brown rice and cranberry
An energising box of roasted salmon, brown rice, dill,
lime and cranberries served with peppery rocket and
spinach leaves

Roasted salmon nicoise
Chunky roasted salmon fillet served with a free range
8-minute boiled egg and lots of veggies

Protein power salad
Chargrilled chicken, perfectly boiled free range egg,
chunky avocado and iron rich spinach leaves

Fresh mozzarella with grilled vegetables and sun
dried tomato
Served with dark green spinach and rocket leaves, tomatoes, cucumber and a balsamic & olive oil dressing

Chickpea falafels Greek salad
Home-made chickpea falafels served with Greek salad,
feta, lots of herbs, mixed leaves and a minty yogurt

Quinoa bowl
Protein rich steamed quinoa, roasted butternut
squash, creamy houmous and nutty chickpeas served
with dark green spinach leaves, crunchy radishes and

Hot and Healthy Noodle Broth bowl -£11.00 per person

Silky rice noodles, LOTS of fresh raw vegetables, chilli,
lime and your choice of:
Lean grilled herb chicken breast/ Blackened king
prawns/ Baked soya tofu
Just pour over the fragrant broth and enjoy a
nutritious, delicious and filling lunch

Hot fork buffet options

Delicious -£22.00 per person

Jerk chicken with lime and fresh coriander (warm)
Blackened Cajun salmon and prawns with fresh
mango and mint salsa (ambient)
Avocado, black bean, mint, coriander and tomato
burritos (warm)
Chunky avocado salad with fresh spinach leaves
Green Goddess salad with quinoa, kale, broccoli,
peas, fresh lemon and herbs
Smoked paprika chickpeas with cherry tomatoes,
crunchy radishes and charred corn
Fresh watermelon with pomegranate

Mood -£22.00 per person

Chargrilled lamb kofte skewers (warm)
Spinach and feta patties
Khobez wholemeal flat breads
Cucumber and mint yoghurt
Beertroot houmous
Tomato salsa salad
Grilled aubergines with pomegranate seeds
Pea and mint falafels with feta cheese and cucumber
Fresh chunky pineapple with mint leaves and juicy

Food -£22.00

Traditional roast chicken thighs & drumsticks with
lemon and thyme (warm)
Grilled salmon with pea and mint puree (warm) Kale,
chickpea and goat’s cheese patties with a smoky red
pepper sauce (warm)
Asparagus, mangetout, green bean Spring salad with
8 minute free range eggs
Roasted carrots with fresh lemon, mint and pumpkin
Fresh avocado with mozzarella, basil leaves and ripe
Fresh melon plate

LOW.FUSS Hot Lunches -Please request equipment or staff as required

Delivered in a hot box ready to serve to your
meeting room table

Cold fork buffet options

HappyDay -£24.00 per person

Sunshine roasted turmeric chicken with
fresh lemon créme
Charred salmon fillets fresh herbs and capers
Kale and sweet potato patties with a chipotle
mayo on the side
Rainbow salad: Slow roasted squash, roasted
carrots, beets, mixed quinoa, bitter leaves
Cauliflower ‘rice’ tabbouleh with pomegranate
seeds and lots of fresh herbs (carb free)
Chunky avocado
Spring minestrone soup with barley and lots of
green veg
Fresh soda bread

AsianEat -£24.00 per person

Ginger prawns & salmon with toasted cashew
nuts Thai scented chargrilled chicken breasts
Oriental style frittata with lots of great veg
Egg noodles with toasted black and white
sesame seeds
Large Asian salad bowl
Egg custard tarts
Charred pineapple and watermelon with fresh
lime and mint leaves



Available from 6 items per person (minimum 20

Beef carpaccio, parmesan shavings and rocket,
chorizo red pepper pesto mousseline on feuillete,
spicy naan, smoked chicken mousse and mango,
emincé smoked duck, onion compote and sesame seeds, duck parfait rhubarb vanilla on brioche

Crunchy veg, grilled zucchini spinach tortilla,
sun-blushed tomato, basil and olive oil, mozzarella tomato and pesto, goats cheese, Italian parsley
and sun-dried tomato

Mini smoked quail egg with spicy mayonnaise on
focaccia, smoked salmon & cream cheese bagels,
king prawn, fish mousseline in filo basket, tandoori prawn on brown bread, sea bass Thai veg
on aromatic bread, spicy crab salad radicchio,
curly endive avocado



Hot canapé options available upon request,
please speak to a member of the team for further

Classic BBQ -£30.00

Classic beef burger, vegi burger, Cumberland
sausage hot dog, vegan skewers, classic slaw,
summer potato salad, mixed seasonal leaf salad
and pickles, sauces

Food Bowls -£5.40 per person

Options available upon request
Thai green king prawn curry (warm)
With jasmine rice, fresh herbs and lime garnish
Grilled chicken (warm)
With Asian slaw, lime and peanut dressing
Chilli smoked salmon (cold)
With English asparagus and dressed endive
(minimum 20 people)

Nibbles -£4.80 per person

Crisps, nuts and olives

Crudités and Dips -£21.00

Platter for 6

Soft drinks -£1.25 per can

Diet Coke
Coke Zero

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