What do I get with a Landmark Serviced Office?

As a Landmark client, your Serviced Office includes.

  • A fully furnished office suite
  • A dedicated receptionist
  • Administrative support services as required
  • Access to fully equipped corporate boardrooms and meeting rooms
  • Leading IT and communications technology
  • A magnificent reception and professional welcome for visitors

For more information you can fill in ourĀ online form or call us on 0203 440 5000 to discuss your requirements with one of our regional business centre managers.

What services does Landmark provide?

Landmark provides Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices, Club Desk, Business Lounge, Disaster Recovery and Professional Meeting Rooms. Additionally, as a Landmark client you have at your disposal:

  • A professional, motivated office support team – at your service, but not on your payroll
  • A prestigious business address for your business cards, letterhead and promotional material
  • We’re able to organise your meeting and conference requirements worldwide
  • The most up to date IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

Where are your Serviced Offices located?

Landmark is a new breed of serviced office provider and we are currently expanding our network. Use our office search facility to see where we can find office space for you.

How can I arrange a viewing of your Serviced Offices?

We believe to fully understand Landmark you need to see it for yourself. We invite you to tour with us in a location convenient for you either by completing our online form or by contacting your local business centre manager by calling 0203 440 5000.

How many people can a Landmark Serviced Office accommodate?

We offer a range of configurations to suit a variety of needs from a sole trader up to large concerns with a requirement of 50 persons or more.

How long does it take to set up an office for me?

Your office will be operational in as little as 24 hours, or as required to accommodate your schedule.

How long is my Serviced Office contract commitment?

The minimum contract term at Landmark is three months with a notice period of one month thereafter.

How is a Landmark Serviced Office more cost effective than renting my own office space?

In a Landmark serviced office you get the same facilities, services and infrastructure as a large corporation but at a fraction of the cost.

There is a fixed monthly charge which covers all your accommodation costs as well as services, infrastructure, IT and telecoms.

The only variable costs are in respect of usage such as meeting rooms, photocopying or call charges.

As a Serviced Office client you have two fixed costs:

  • Office rental
  • IT and telecoms rental

For all additional services, Landmark charges by usage. Put another way, you pay only for what you use and nothing else.

What do I get for Dedicated Internet Access(DIA) with Landmark?

  • DIA is exactly what it is – private and to be used solely by you. You are paying for the privilege of having a private service backed by a Service Level Agreement.
  • DIA is run over fibre which is a far more advanced technology and therefore costs more.
  • you have a backup line which automatically takes over in the event of the primary circuit going down.
  • there are no long term contracts, no lead times and no installation fees
  • it is unlike Home broadband where there is no guarantee of service, speeds are contended and there is no support or management
  • With Landmark it is unlike procuring your own DIA where there will be minimum terms of contract (typically 12+ months), installation fees and long lead times (typically 35+ working days)
  • the Landmark pricing for DIA ( aka leased line services) is exceptionally competitive, particularly as it is managed and supported.

What is a Landmark Office Virtual Office?

A Landmark Virtual Office is an office without the physical presence of desks and chairs. You have a prestigious address for your business with mail forwarding. A telephone number with your calls answered by a receptionist or automatically forwarded. No one needs to know that you don’t actually have an office, particularly when you can hire a meeting room or a desk whenever you need one.

You can choose to work from home – or from anywhere – and have the support and infrastructure of a major corporation, but without the cost.

Choose the package that best fits your needs and budget. From low cost mail forwarding only to a full virtual receptionist package – you choose what you need for your business.

How would a Virtual Office enable me to work from home?

A Virtual Office from Landmark creates a great first impression for your business.

Your calls are answered professionally, even though you work from home, and you can remotely re-direct your Virtual Office number to a mobile or other number if you are on the move

We can also offer you a range of admin support via our business centre. Just ask for details.

Can Landmark provide a receptionist to answer my calls in my company name?

Yes: simply select the Landmark Virtual Gold package and your Landmark receptionist will answer your calls promptly in your company name at any time of the day or night.

Our highly trained receptionists operate the finest communications equipment available. Your line will never ring engaged and your communications will be handled professionally and confidentially.

Your incoming calls can be transferred to your home, office, or mobile phone – or to anywhere in the world. You choose how you want to receive your messages – 24/7 voicemail, SMS text messaging, voicemail to email messaging, or fax.

What are the costs involved in a Virtual Office? Are there any hidden costs?

Our pricing and costs are completely transparent.

You have one fixed cost: your monthly Virtual Office fee. For additional services, Landmark charges by usage.

With Landmark, you pay only for what you use.

How do I sign up for a Virtual Office?

It’s simple. Just go to our Virtual Offices page and click the Buy Now button: sign up online and a Virtual Office Manager will contact you. You simply choose the package[s] and location of your choice, and you can be operational within five minutes.


How long does it take to set up a Virtual Office for me?

Your Virtual Office can be fully operational in five minutes, whether you sign up online, by telephone, email or fax.

How long is my Virtual Office contract commitment?

There is a 3 months minimum contract with a calendar month notice

How will I receive my invoices from Landmark?

You receive your invoice details online via our integrated accounting system. Our exclusive billing system means with a click of the mouse you get a detailed account breakdown. It’s an easy way for you to settle your accounts and to on charge your clients at month end. Your rental is paid monthly in advance, services monthly in arrears.

What can I expect from the team?

Landmark ensures an office support team trained to the highest standard and on the latest equipment and software.

Your Landmark team is dedicated to your business. You will soon notice that our people have a passion and commitment to success: they are the best in the business.

What isLandmark IP telephony?

Landmark has designed IP communications (Internet Protocol communications) specifically for our Serviced Office and Virtual Office clients.

Your Landmark IP phone means one number for all your calls, anywhere in the world. It is easily customised and user friendly. Plus, your receptionist knows exactly how to answer your calls and where to direct them.

What is so different about Landmark’s technology?

We offer the latest in IT and telecoms systems using cloud computing to keep costs low whilst delivering the highest levels of service and security to our clients.

What is Landmark’s commitment to its team?

Every member of our team is trained uniformly and to an exceptionally high standard. Additionally, our people understand that excellence is rewarded and that their potential in Landmark is unlimited.

Landmark demonstrates a commitment to equal opportunity at every level of the company.