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Here to support you in the office

Hybrid working has become the most popular approach to work. For many businesses, the concept of workers changing their workspaces at will is new, so how can you make it a success?


We can help you navigate the return to work with a hybrid or a blended mix of home and workspace that turbo-charges your creativity, collaboration and productivity.


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Businesses are rethinking how to use their workspaces imaginatively

As experts at flexible working, we’ll help you dovetail working from home with productive, agile and organised working in our flex space, so you achieve the best-of-both-worlds outcome you want from a hybrid model.

Health and Wellbeing

Prioritising health, both physically and mentally, is an ever increasing priority

Working from home is popular with employees, but it risks being isolating and sapping creativity. It’s hard to keep home and work separate, especially when people are sharing living space.


Our lovely, inspirational workspaces give your employees somewhere fresh to go that lifts the spirit, boosts creativity and helps them reconnect with colleagues, improving morale.

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Hygiene and wellbeing is our specialty and we can help you shape your safety processes

With our 20 years’ experience as workspace operators, we can work with your facilities team to create the perfect workplace for your people.


We have thorough and rigorous cleaning and hygiene procedures, disinfecting our centres regularly.

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Culture is a priority

Build your company culture

Landmark’s Coworking Space membership gives you access to co-working space for a fixed monthly fee (it’s included if you have a private office or floor in one of our 26 buildings).

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Our Coworking Space offers a relaxed, social environment for teamwork and inspiration

Landmark’s co-working offices, Coworking Space areas are accessible to members who pay a fixed monthly fee, or any employee of a company who has a private office or floor in a Landmark building. Your people will be able to work freely in collaborative zones for teamwork, social zones for coffee catch ups with colleagues and quiet zones for high-concentration work.

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Flex for you and your teams

With hybrid working more common than ever, businesses need more flexibility

It’s no longer the case that businesses will need offices providing one desk per employee. Office spaces look different and companies need to be able to flex their workspaces in line with their latest needs. In the world of agile working, businesses need to adapt to maximise colleague satisfaction, and it can be a tough balance to strike.

Flexibility for semi remote teams

We offer the flexibility to bring teams together as, and when they need it.

Flexible working is part of Landmark’s DNA. We offer different workspace types for the varying aspects of your business, as well as flexible contract terms to see you through headcount changes. Our serviced offices often work out more cost-effective than conventional office leases, due the flexibility of our contracts.

Landmark office space - a home for your people

Productivity and digital fitness

Flexible, digital working creates new opportunities, and a new challenge of digital distraction and fatigue

Almost everyone will have struggled with internet connectivity issue as they’ve tried to communicate with colleagues and clients on Teams, Zoom or WebEx. The age of the video call has really emphasised the need for reliable internet and the right equipment to keep your people at their most productive. Our office design ensures anyone calling in remotely can contribute to meetings on an equal basis to a person in the room using our indoor telephone booths and other semi-private conversation spaces.

Fully serviced office space

Our IT infrustructure and quiet call booths are perfect for semi remote teams

We have best-in-class IT infrastructure; high-speed internet features in all of our office spaces, alongside local IT support to get things moving quickly if there are hiccups. Desk spaces can be designed exactly how you want them, with the equipment you know your people will need. Many of our offices have quiet call booths, giving your employees the peace they need for important meetings while they remain in amongst a vibrant office atmosphere.

Quiet call booths

Need help? Chat to an expert!

No matter what kind of office you need, we have an option for you. Chat to one of our experts today and we’ll help you on your office space search – free of charge, no obligation.

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