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Supercharge the new year in a fresh workspace and environment

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Start 2024 by supercharging your business in a dynamic coworking space and it could tick all your New Year’s resolution boxes. Improved productivity and collaboration will be the business goals on many lists. But how do these contribute to business success, what’s the perfect space, and how do you make the most of a fresh start? Let’s delve into the advantages of Landmark’s shared spaces.

1. Coworking space makes you more productive

In 2023, 83% of organisations had hybrid working in place, according to the CIPD.[1] Yet, at the same time, 11% of remote workers had difficulty staying motivated and 9% found it hard to focus, says another survey.[2]

A well-designed shared workspace motivates remote workers and helps them concentrate, boosting productivity. It also helps them achieve a better work-life balance than working from home.

Look out for coworking spaces like ours that optimise effectiveness through the following:

  • Telephone booths for discrete calls or access to a private office when you need privacy.
  • A choice of workspace zones where you can work without distraction.
  • Reliable high-speed Wi-Fi that’s consistent.
  • Soundproofing, screens, and bringing nature indoors (biophilia) for a calm atmosphere conducive to work.

2. Shared workspace is great for collaboration

Isolation is a worrying trend for digital nomads, freelance entrepreneurs and others who work from home, with 15% of remote workers struggling with loneliness in 2023.[3]

However, working in a shared workspace gives individuals a sense of community and connection with like-minded peers and businesses. It’s also ideal as a collaborative space for businesses of all sizes, including big corporations. One office space report expects corporates to choose amenities that enhance collaboration in 2024.[4]

Collaboration is vital for business: it drives engagement and improves communication, contributing to positive transformation, increased loyalty and enhanced processes. Indeed, statistics show that collaborative teams improve performance by more than 64% versus non-collaborative teams.[5]

3. Prestigious locations and design support your brand image

Coworking space was a hot topic in 2023, with nearly 5 million people expected to use it worldwide.[6] If you join in 2024, make sure the shared space fits your business needs.

First, consider the location and what you want to achieve. Do you want coworking space close to your clients to improve customer service and sales? Check our Landmark area guides to find the best area for you.

Then, there’s price and value for money. Using shared workspace saves costs compared to traditional office space. For starters, you only pay for the space you need. However, providers’ fees vary greatly, so check what amenities are included or available.

Landmark includes complimentary hot and cold drinks, and you can book meeting rooms online and acquire private offices when needed. You gain complimentary access to shared space if you hire a private office. Plus, our teams are on hand with support to make your business run smoothly, such as printing, or mail and call handling.

Now that you know the advantages of how coworking spaces can improve productivity and collaboration, here are our top tips for creating a fresh start in 2024:

You can get the most out of starting fresh in 2024 by following our helpful tips:

  1. Establish a work routine, including a schedule, task list, and screen breaks.
  2. Change your environment to maximise productivity. Rooms with a view give your brain a rest and boost creativity.
  3. Understand and limit your distractions. Put your phone on silent or use a booth when making private calls.
  4. Build connections on business trips and at work events. Our buildings hold lunchtime and evening events designed to enhance social interaction.
  5. Plan how you will market your business. It’s easier if you have access to a professional space where you can talk to customers with pride in your surroundings.

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