Reconnecting for a day in Club Space - Landmark Space

Reconnecting for a day in Club Space

I couldn’t have picked a better day to try out Landmark’s Club Space in Cavendish Square. The sun was shining, and blue skies provided clear views over the West End skyline from the 13th-floor co-working space. Even better, they were trialling a new app called Mealhub.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can order a hot lunch to arrive at 12.30pm – you just have to book before 11am. The menu changes daily. Today, my choices were delicious-looking Japanese or Greek dishes. Mealhub delivers your meal to a locker, which is insulated to keep it warm.

My phone pinged on the dot to say my Greek Chicken Skewer Box had arrived. Your phone’s Bluetooth is linked to the locker and opens as you get near it – ingenious!

I sat in the kitchen area and struck up a conversation with other Club Space users who’d picked different meals. We all agreed that the tasty dishes were a class above your average lunchtime sandwich. In the West End of London, £4.99 to £8.49 including delivery, is not bad. There’s £4 off your order during the trial if you want to try it out.

Connecting with real human beings

The opportunity to engage in friendly banter with real humans was too tempting after all these months in lockdown. But if I were coming here regularly, I’d make sure I took a walk to get some fresh air, maybe eat lunch in the green of the square, or browse the shops in Oxford Street.

It’s the first time since before the lockdown that I’ve travelled into London, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The train into Waterloo was pretty empty – 15 people in my carriage – and there were only three people on my part of the tube train.

The Cavendish Square Club Space is not far from the back of John Lewis on Oxford Street, so I found it quickly enough. It’s spotlessly clean, from the lobby on the ground floor to the attractive zoned areas in the Club Space, with all the Covid cleaning protocols you could wish for in place.

Spoilt for choice

Caitlyn, who’s in reception, gave me a tour of the centre and I chose to work at one of the seats by the window. I love the high backs to the seats, giving you some support as you work.

I could also choose a lounge chair or a squishy leather sofa, but it looked so comfy I was afraid I might nod off! They’d be perfect for a team chat, though.

The Wi-Fi was easy to hook into, and I spent several hours working in comfort with only the occasional quiet hum of conversation coming from the social zone. The sound screening between the social space, with two telephone booths in between, must be good because I could hardly hear anybody else. It was easy to concentrate on writing this blog and a few other projects.

The phone booths were in continual use. No one can see in through the frosted glass door, but it’s surprisingly bright inside, making it a cosy, private space. You slide an ‘occupied’ marker across to tell people someone is in the booth.

When I left, I asked Mona, the centre manager, about the rest of the centre and discovered she could convert three meeting rooms into space for up to 80-90 people. She also gave me the lowdown on the area – where to shop for designer gear (New Bond Street), the best eatery to visit in the sunshine (the rooftop gardens at John Lewis), the place to stay overnight (the Langham Hotel) and numerous restaurants and bars.

After a day spent working in the friendly workspace and satisfyingly full of chicken, tzatziki and flatbread, I’m off for some retail therapy!

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