Get the team talking in harmony with a meeting room

Get the team talking in perfect harmony – book a Landmark meeting room

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Keep the team happy by holding collaborative meetings in a harmonious environment where everyone feels comfortable; a place where they can talk freely and reach an agreement.

But what should you look for? Read our top 5 tips for choosing the best meeting room space for you needs.

5 things to consider when choosing a meeting room

1. Think about your surroundings

Team focus improves when seated on comfortable chairs in an attractive environment dedicated to business. Nothing is more distracting (or sure to bring on backache) than rock-hard seats. Don’t mention the freezing air conditioning that makes you regret not bringing a jumper. If you don’t want personal discomfort to be all anyone will remember, make sure the meeting room provider has designed it with comfort in mind, from the cushioned chairs to appealing décor. We have.

2. Tech you can rely on

Why is it that on the days you work from home, you’ll have technical issues of one kind or another? Meeting in person in a flexible workspace should mean you wave goodbye to intermittent Wi-Fi or interrupted video calls. Look for meeting rooms like Landmark’s with working technology, such as conferencing equipment and powerful Wi-Fi that doesn’t let you down. When booking a meeting room, make sure there’s also technical support available – just in case. After all, nobody’s perfect!

3. Alternative room layouts

Think about which room layout would suit your get-together. For board meetings you’ll need a long table, plenty of chairs, and video conferencing for anyone who can’t make it in person. For discussions, a circular layout is ideal because it physically equalizes all parties, making participants feel level in their seat at the table. As a meeting room provider, we provide various room layouts – ask us about the best design for your specific needs.

4. Air quality and mood boosting features

We’ve designed our workspaces to include biophilic elements that bring the outdoors inside. Natural elements such as potted plants, natural lighting and colour palettes of warm browns and reds create a calming ambience and boost creativity. It’s perfect if your meeting is all about ideas, brainstorming and innovation. Imaginative artworks and many meeting rooms with views create talking points that kickstart communications.

5. Refreshments and catering for energized interactions

You and your team may need refreshments to generate more ideas or to break for a few minutes and return to discussions refreshed. At Landmark, we provide snacks and refreshment stations with hot and cold drinks to keep you going as the meeting unfolds. But if you fancy something special or your meeting is happening at lunchtime or breakfast, make sure your meeting room operator has a choice of menus. We can cater for up to 140 delegates, helping you impress them with delicious, ethical menus, including vegan ones.

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