Fuel your strategic planning in a dedicated meeting room

Fuel your strategic planning in a dedicated meeting room

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After the festive break, the first step for many businesses is a January meeting to decide, plan, and announce the year’s priorities. Here are four advantages to using a meeting room for your strategic planning in a Landmark Space.

1. Designed to remove distractions and inspire

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Strategic thinking requires your undivided attention, whether you’re working through your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats or setting goals for the next six months.

A dedicated meeting room is more conducive to a strategic planning meeting than your office because it removes distractions. Landmark meeting rooms maximise productivity by offering the uninterrupted focus that strategic planning requires through comfortable seating, excellent lighting and soundproofing.

Our frontline teams are available to ensure your experience is top-notch. They’ll tailor everything to your preferences, assisting special dietary requirements for breakfast, lunch, or snacks. Recognising food as a productivity fuel, we aim to spark lively discussions!

2. Accessible, flexible meeting rooms with the tools you need

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Employees may be geographically dispersed after the holiday break. Our meeting rooms are located conveniently where you want to work – over 100 rooms across more than 40 UK locations, to be exact.

Our meeting rooms are also flexible. You can book rooms for 2 – 140 people in various room layouts. Book one with inspiring views to spark imagination before the meeting. Others have frosted glass doors and windows to maximise natural light. Or choose a room with immersive privacy with soundproofing, and limit windows for curious passers-by.

Amenities pack our meeting rooms, giving you the right tools to share ideas, collaborate and communicate. From plug-and-go audio equipment to whiteboards, stationery, and complimentary refreshments, everything you need is there. Additional options include video conferencing and catering services.

3. Improved air quality and wellbeing based décor

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Our meeting rooms offer a break from the familiar office environment – a change of scene that sparks trust, new ideas and a fresh perspective on goal setting.

We have added biophilic elements, including plants, natural wood décor and lighting, in our meeting rooms. Biophilic design connects people’s wellbeing to nature. Plenty of evidence shows it can increase productivity, improve problem-solving and boost creativity.

4. Furniture configurations that suit your type of meeting

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We can set up flexible meeting rooms for any configuration that suits team workshops – another January staple – so you avoid the hassle of moving things around in your offices.

Whether theatre, U-shape, classroom, or huddle style, our room layouts will maximise your team’s productivity. They come in various sizes, and you can book online by the hour or day.

Start your year with a strategic advantage. Improve your planning sessions with Landmark Space meeting rooms – where focus meets flexibility.

Book now to secure your space and embark on a journey of productive and inspired strategic planning.

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