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Cheers to our cleaning team!

Landmark cleaner Tracy receiving a thank you gift in Landmark Reading Green Park

It’s Thank Your Cleaner Day – please join us in toasting our cleaning teams, who keep us healthy and productive by fighting a daily battle against bacteria, bugs, and everyday spills.

Often cleaners are the unsung heroes of the flexible workspace industry, and yet we value their work; acknowledging daily that their presence and effort make all the difference to Landmark and our clients. Today marks the annual celebration of Thank Your Cleaner Day and we say, “Cheers!” to those who help keep us safe and healthy. Our professional cleaners do more than keep our workspace free of spills and the toilets spotlessly clean. They fight daily to preserve the wellbeing of everyone who uses our business centres and maximise your productivity in a safe environment.

Working with our centre teams and in partnership with our clients, our cleaners worked tirelessly to ensure our workspaces were Covid secure when we returned to work. Rest assured that we haven’t lowered our guard since.

Perhaps you’d like to join us by adding your appreciation for the professional cleaners in your building. If you haven’t introduced yourself already, now is the perfect time to say hi and thank them in person or simply leave a note.

Conscientious, hard-working cleaners like Genevieve from Manchester Chancery Place are still on the case. Like all our cleaning professionals, Genevieve disinfects her centre regularly to remove potentially dangerous microorganisms and pathogens, such as coronavirus, influenza and other respiratory viruses.

Landmark cleaner Genevieve in our Spinningfields office


As we move into winter – traditionally ’flu season in the northern hemisphere – our centre teams will continue to be vigilant. For example, they still build time between meetings to allow our cleaning teams to thoroughly clean rooms and provide hand sanitiser throughout our buildings.

We also conduct building risk assessments and maintenance checks to ensure our operations meet health, safety, quality and environmental compliance guidance around Covid-19.

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