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5 podcasts to inspire and motivate

Podcasts are a great way to gain knowledge, inspiration or even advice while having a busy day at work. Taking breaks and getting perspective, and listening to new ideas, can help shape your work day and improve your productivity.


Podcasts can be accessed from anywhere in the office, whether it be from your desk or the comfort of a coworking space, so plug in your earphones and relax with our top picks:

1. STARTUP – If you are inspired to start your own business

The StartUp series follows Alex Blumberg, who knew nearly nothing about business, as he discusses his personal experiences starting and running his own podcast business, Gimlet Media.


Alex also features other entrepreneurs on their startup journeys. One of the most interesting podcasts in the series is “Life After Startup” (Season 5, Episode 7) where you find out the high and lows of small businesses like the pan-Asian meals-on-demand company, Bento and the matchmaking site, Dating Ring.


This podcast is ideal for those working at a startup or small business, offering new ideas of how business can be run and lessons on what will (and won’t) work. It could also inspire you to start your own business one day.


2. THE DAILY BOOST – If you need an extra push to get you through the rest of the day


Scott Smith hosts what is described as ‘the most popular daily motivation program in the history of iTunes”. Learn how to reduce your stress, manage your time and enjoy more success, while dotting in and out of meetings.


The Daily Boost is an ideal workday commute podcast, getting you geared up for the office, imparting insights into how you might better maximise your day.


3. MAGIC LESSONS – If you need to hear a great story to inspire your imagination


Listen to Elizabeth Gilbert, the award-winning author of bestseller Eat, Pray, Love, as she provides audiences with creative wisdom and advice on the podcast entitled, Magic Lessons.


“Dancing from the Heart” is the inspirational episode where Elizabeth is joined by special guest, Amy Purdy, a Paralympian snowboarder and semifinalist on Dancing with the Stars, as they advise a dance teacher to push past her fears and create a dance performance for her 60th birthday.


Not all podcasts need to be explicitly about business and working to improve your work life. Storytelling can inspire new ideas, especially useful if you work in creative sectors like marketing, design or PR.


4. MONEY BOX – If you need a reason to stop buying lunch and start packing homemade meals


Money Box, a podcast run by BBC Radio 4, features presenters that all have knowledge of finance. Subjects touched on include tuition fees, releasing money from your pension, how Brexit will affect our personal pockets and scandals like bank impersonators.


One of the more recent episodes talks about how the Queen’s Speech will affect our money, like the new taxation changes on National Insurance and cuts to the Corporation Bill.


Money Box is great for getting an overview of the business world, keeping your mind sharp and engaged.


5. THE ULTIMATE MAN – If you need a confidence boost


Paul McGregor is a blogger and online personality that focuses on self-improvement and style. His podcast, “The Ultimate Man” talks through subjects that many men shy away from.


In the aptly named episode,‘7 steps to more confidence,’ one of the points Paul touches on is about how he conquered his fear of public speaking, after agreeing to present at a university a number of times and gaining more confidence in his abilities.

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