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Instagram inspiration for your home office

Posted in: Running a Business by Landmark on 24th March 2017

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If you operate your business from a virtual office, or freelance while working remotely, you’ll likely have a home office setup where you live. 


Transitioning from ‘rest’ to ‘work’ requires a little differentiation between your living space and your working space. We’ve recommended some exciting and effective organisation techniques for note-takers to help plan your day in an earlier post, but the key to success for any home or remote worker is a carefully designed home office that inspires you to be productive.  


A little smart design, tech and tools to help you organise your work and a few personal touches can make all the difference. Here’s our round-up of the best Instagram accounts to get you started with practical solutions, and a spark of creativity to get you striving for success from your home office.


My Business Corner

Serious office goals with these curated home offices from My Business Corner, maintained by an anonymous, self-professed ‘multipreneur’. There’s a mix of home office styles here, but they all share a common whitewashing theme and plenty of greenery—in fact, you’d wonder if the owners of some of these home offices weren’t all budding horticulturists.

With plenty of light and contemporary effects, this seems like the perfect place to be mindful, focus your mind and get down to some serious business. There’s no doubt you’ll find plentiful oxygen to power your brain.

Minimal Setups

What you see is what you get with Minimal Setups, run by social media buff Charlie Aldred. Simplicity is key with these elegant, productive home office set ups, helping you work free of distraction and streamline your workplace activities.

All these ideas cater to different business purposes, meaning there’s plenty of inspiration for home office workers of all shapes and sizes. For techies and artists alike, the message from Minimal Setups is to keep your space free of clutter, and keep your mind free too.

Home Office

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With Home Office, it’s all about making your mark on the space you have at your disposal. Big or small, purpose-built or re-inventing a household space, these posts will inspire you to transform any corner of your home into a workspace retreat. 


There’s such a variety of home office solutions here that it’s difficult to describe how each one is beautiful. From decking out a secret cupboard nook with bold and vibrant wall hangings, or capturing the focal point of your view through trees across a sea vista, learn to beautify the space around you.



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The brains behind iSetups are into gadgets. These techies put the focus on digital tools to facilitate your work from a home office, with the Apple iMac forming the centrepiece of their workstations. 


There are solutions here for designers, developers and creative types, where the focus is on showcasing vibrant digital output on the big screen. Pair that with an assorted mix of collage walls, pinboards and the odd few personal touches, make your home office instantly more cosy with a personal gallery to inspire you to create something beautiful.

Home Office Inspirations

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At Home Office Inspirations, the focus is on organisation, with shelves of neatly arranged files and folders where you can store any distractions out of sight. If you happen to need a desktop cluttered with work paraphernalia, that doesn’t mean you can’t work in a chic organised chaos. 


Some workstations are classy and simple, while others are brimming with personal items, plush soft furnishings and, well, some tech we’ve never seen the likes of before. If ever there was an office to haul yourself up in for days on end, it’s sure to be found here.