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i2 Office take on Locked in a Room

Posted in: Landmark Updates by Landmark on 09th August 2017

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At i2 Office, we take team building seriously. Yes, team building activities often get a bad rap, but we know that the secret to a happy workforce is efficient teamwork and positive relationships between colleagues. It builds trust, mitigates conflict and encourages communication and collaboration. Besides, team building is the perfect excuse to get out of the office and go have some fun.


For one of our most recent team building excursions, we pitted our customer services team at Victoria against two members of our leadership team – Commercial Director Mo Jiwaji and Chief Operating Officer Richard Adams.


The two teams were sent to play “Locked in a Room” at ExCeL London, one of London’s premier live escape room games. Locked inside the “Timelock Room”, the aim of the game is to work together as a team to solve a series of puzzles and riddles to escape before time runs out.

The Timelock game transported our teams back to the 1920s, where everybody got into character as scientists at a secret laboratory in an abandoned London warehouse.

i2 Office Locked in a room 2


Both teams were tasked with deciphering the mystery of Professor Samuel Pottenger – a leading professor with a secret that has resulted in him being kidnapped by unknown assailants. The conditions of the game encourages colleagues to interact with one another, while also testing each player’s creativity, observational skills and ability to handle pressure as time ticks away.

To add a little spice to proceedings and generate some healthy competition, it was agreed that the last team to escape their room would have to face a forfeit for losing!

The Victoria team made it out in an impressive 45 minutes, while the senior staff failed to escape before time ran out leaving them trapped way back in the 1920s.

Once we’d managed to transport our senior staff back to the 21st century, there was still one matter to take care of – the forfeit for losing! To give a taste of how hard our customer service team works, the two senior staff were made to sit on reception for the morning, while the winners were allowed to gloat and bask in their glory for a little while longer.


i2 Office Locked in a room 3