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Five employees every office needs

Posted in: Running a Business by Landmark on 17th April 2017

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Employees are the backbone of any business, which means it’s crucial to find the right balance of skills and personalities. No two employees are the same, nor would you want them to be, but it’s vital you carefully consider every hire to make sure each employee fulfils the right role to ensure your overall success.


No matter how well located or equipped your serviced office space, that doesn’t mean anything without the right people in it. Here are five employee types every office needs:


The Mentor


Many small businesses lack the formal training and development programmes that are managed by HR departments in larger organisations. But in fast-growing startups and SMEs, it’s perhaps even more important your employees have an opportunities to learn on the job.


Certain people were born to teach, even if it’s not in the traditional classroom. Having an employee or two on hand who are willing and able to share their skills and expertise with more junior members of the team (whether it’s strictly part of their job role or not) can help you continue to develop your small business’s most valuable asset: your staff.


Company mentors can help eliminate the costs of hiring outside trainers and save on the cost of sending employees on costly external training courses. They can also give training and guidance beyond technical skills, helping to spread your business’s culture, processes and strategy. This helps support a succession plan, creating your business’s future leaders.


The Student


Not every employee is a natural teacher, but that doesn’t mean they don’t value their own ongoing professional development. Every individual’s personal development supports your overall business development too. Employees who avidly seek to improve their own knowledge, whether through staying up to date with industry developments or learning in their own time, help keep your business ahead of the competition.


Creating an office environment where employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning makes each employee feel committed to their work and makes for a better company culture. An employee with a thirst for knowledge can rub off on others, and may even inspire them to further their own development too.


The Morale Booster


There’s more than having staff with the right skills and expertise when it comes to keeping your business afloat. It’s very important, but businesses shouldn’t underestimate the importance of office morale. Every business faces certain hardships and challenges, but it’s vital your employees maintain a positive attitude to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel.


No amount of perks or pay rises have quite the same effect at boosting morale than a member of the team who leads by example. Positivity is infectious, and having an employee on your staff that can see the bright spots and crack the occasional joke can really boost your overall team morale. We all know a happy team is a productive team!


The Critic


While making sure all your employees are on the same page in terms of your company's values and goals is vital to your success, having everyone of your employees nodding along in agreement isn’t always the most effective key to progress.


Employees that are willing to speak up and challenge the status quo (if they’re doing so constructively) can have greater benefits overall. Every now and then, even high-flying business managers need a reality check, which means listening to the suggestions (and complaints) of members of the team who are looking to better your business.


Cultivate an atmosphere of healthy debate and discussion to ensure your business strategy is moving in the right direction—otherwise, you might just find yourself stagnating.


The Jack of all Trades


Owners and employees of small businesses often wear many hats—it comes with the territory of working for an ever-changing company. That makes it vital you have team members at your disposal who are able to rise to the challenge, even when you’re not sure exactly what that challenge might be.


People can dabble in all areas of your company, whether that’s switching between sales and marketing or switching from project management to get down to the nitty gritty. Having staff who are able to adapt to a wide range of roles and responsibilities, applying diverse skills to achieve a variety of different tasks, can help your business survive the dynamic office environment that arises whenever you’re scaling up or down.


Ensuring your company can count these five types of employees among its assets means any business owner has the tools at their disposal to succeed. A cohesive and dynamic employee mix can help you maintain your competitive advantage and create a fantastic company culture too.